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This is pretty panda coffee and I am so sorry it was a random blurb of life.

First day.

Being nervous is so incredibly stupid but there she was, standing in front of the college with a roling suitcase parked sturdily behind her, and she was feeling incredibly nervous. She peered down at her campus map and tried to make sense of it while passing by students laughed and made little remarks that generally contained the word freshman.

Katiiy sighed and thought maybe she would have better luck at the main office? Or calling one of her friends who had also just started at Litwak’s University? Katiiy spotted a nearby planter with concrete sides that would make a fairly nice seat and made her way over to it, wheeling her pastel purple suitcase covered in poorly glued on patches behind her.

Katiiy settled herself down and made sure her dress covered over her knees before pulling her cell out of her jacket pocket. After flipping it open and scrolling through her contacts she realized she had no idea what she was doing whatsoever as the only person she was really close to at the school probably wasn’t even awake yet. She sighed again and scanned the campus, using the hand still clutching her cellular to shield her eyes from the bright sun.

“Zelda. Nice.”

The comment startles Katiiy so bad that she not only flails and drops her phone but she also somehow knocks over her suitcase as she fumbles to pick up aforementioned phone.

“Uh..what?” She asks after picking up the phone and looking up at the looming figure,  her walnut colored eyes are open wide but the sun makes it hard to really make him out.

The figure laughs and she laughs in return because she’s a klutz and she knows it and also she doesn’t really know what else to do.

“I like the Zelda triforce patch on your suitcase.” The guy says, and then goes about picking her suitcase back up and righting it as though it’s the most natural thing in the world for him to help short flailing women on their first day at a new college.

“My name’s Ralph.” He says, and she moves into the shade of the tree in the planter and she can finally see him.

“Hello….I’m Katiiy.” She says and the nervousness is still there, clear in her voice.

“You’re new, aren’t you? I mean, I don’t want to sound like ‘Oh! A Freshman! They’re stupid and get lost easy!’ Because I was a freshman last year and…the only place I could really ever find for the first few months was the cafeteria.”

Katiiy snickers at that and finds herself blushing.

Ahhh shit~tbc~